London Running Physio is opening for face-to-face consultations

I hope that you have been keeping well during these difficult times. I am pleased to announce that London Running Physio will be re-opening for face-to-face consultations where clinically appropriate.

London Running Physio is following the guidance set out by our professional body the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, as well as national guidance outlined by Public Health England and NHS England to ensure that policies and procedures are in place to minimise risks associated with COVID-19 in the clinic environment.

Does your condition require a face-to-face consultation?

The list below outlines some examples of the criteria that may be considered to warrant a face-to-face consultation. This list is not exhaustive.

  1. Your symptoms are worsening despite having completed remote physiotherapy consultations.
  2. You have failed to improve despite attempts using a range of reasonable approaches, such as guidance on exercise, adjusting training loads etc.,  that have been completed via remote consultation.
  3. Your symptoms require a physical assessment in order to screen for signs and symptoms that may significantly change a patient’s treatment of management (e.g. evaluation of neural integrity in possible compressive spinal nerve root lesion).
  4. Your symptoms and clinical history suggest the need for an assessment or treatment which cannot be provided remotely (e.g. shockwave therapy).


Screening questions for patients wishing to attend for face-to-face consultations:

  • Do you (or does anyone that you co-habit with) have symptoms of COVID-19, or had symptoms of COVID-19 within the last fourteen days, such as a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or loss or change to your sense of smell or taste?
  • Are you in a vulnerable or high risk group (e.g. pregnant with significant heart disease, have an organ transplant, have a condition that suppresses your immune system, a condition that effects your lungs, active cancer treatment, chronic kidney disease, COPD, hypertension, or a Body Mass Index (BMI) of >40)?
  • Do you co-habit with, or are you shielding someone in a COVID-19 high risk/clinically vulnerable group?


If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, please do not book a face to face consultation, but instead, book an online consultation, or contact Scott via email


  • London Running Physio continue to take all reasonable steps to minimise any risks to patients (including observing social distancing measures, infection control and PPE) it must be acknowledged that physiotherapy may have inherent risks as it often requires close physical contact (<2m for >15mins) which may increase the risk of exposure and transmission of COVID-19. London Running Physio will therefore ask all patients to provide consent that they are aware of this risk.


If you would like to go ahead with booking a face-to-face consultation, please fill the consent form below, and then book your appointment below.

Covid 19: Consent for Face to Face Consultation



What to expect when attending a face-to-face appointment?

  • Scott will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), usually consisting of a face mask, plastic apron and gloves and, depending on the consultation type, may also require the use of protective goggles or a protective visor. The specific requirements relating to PPE use is made under the guidance of the government’s Infection & Prevention Control Policy and Guidelines.
  • Please attend clinic wearing a face mask and rubber gloves.  If you do not have these items then they will be provided in the clinic waiting area.
  • You will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the clinic room.
  • You are also advised that government guidelines around social distancing and COVID-19 secure systems and processes are being observed within our clinics and waiting areas.  Staggering of clinic times and increasing gaps between patient consultations will allow cleaning of the rooms, waiting area and other such steps in order to minimise the chances of patient-to-patient contact.


Book HERE for a for a face to face consultation appointment. 

Please ensure you have completed your consent form.