Are you a runner who has a stress fracture,

or concerned you might have one?


Perhaps you’ve been around the houses with this kind of injury before, and it’s taken you forever to get better, or maybe you’re unsure of how to get back to running confidently.

I know just how you feel!  Having suffered with a sacral stress fracture, I’m passionate about expert rehab for runners with bone stress injuries.


I can help with:


  • Assessing your pain or niggle and getting you proper diagnosis, which may include rapid linking up with imaging/input from sports medicine clinicians.


  • Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, I can guide you through the rehab process. There may be some time out from running, or even off-loading onto crutches, but we’ll work together to ensure you’re maintaining your fitness (and sanity) with clever use of other forms of exercise.


  • We’ll explore all of the contributing factors to your injury, some of which you may have overlooked (e.g. adequate calorie intake, sleep and training errors). If needs be, we’ll get further input from physicians, sports dieticians and podiatrists, to ensure we’ve got all angles covered.


  • From the initial return to exercise, I’ll take you through a graded return to running, ensuring that you’re fully robust. We’ll be ironing out any biomechanical faults, which may include re-jigging your running gait. We’ll also be looking at your strength and conditioning work, as well as training and lifestyle habits that may have contributed to your injury.


  • By the end of our time together, you’ll have a better understanding of what happened, why it happened, and we’ll have optimised your health as well as your running. That way you be in the best position to achieve your running ambitions without injury.


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