Online Physio Video Consultations

Are you an injured runner? Need specialist advice, fast?

  • Do you find it difficult to get to see a physio, or not sure physio’s right for your problem?
  • Is getting out of the office, or childcare demands making it difficult to get your rehab done?
  • Are you concerned you might have a stress fracture and  need advice in a hurry?

Book an online video consultation with me.

  • Choose a time that works for you, and connect easily online.
  • We’ll be able to talk about your injury face to face.
  • All you need is wifi, a laptop with a webcam, or a smartphone.

How it works:

  • Online Physio appointments options:
  • 30 mins = £50
  • 45 mins = £75
  • 60 mins = £100
  • We’ll be using ‘Zoom’-it’s really similar to using Skype.

     1. Book your online physio appointment.

     2. Make your payment by clicking the ‘PayPal’ button.

     3. You’ll receive an email confirming your booking.

     4. I’ll email you a link to join the video session.


Not sure if your problem is suitable for help via video?

Just ask:

Join for running & injury tips & tricks!

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