Tom Payn

2.17.29 marathon runner GB Representative at the Trail Running World Championships 2016 in Portugal.

Scott is my go to physio

Whether it’s just for a quick “MOT” or to sort out a niggle or injury, he is professional and gets straight to the issue. In the middle of 100+ mile weeks he manages to hold my body together and keep me running. Scott not only looks to treat the problem he also looks at the issues causing the problem to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Hannah Walker

Scott has been invaluable for keeping me running

Since he has started treating me just over a year ago, Scott has been invaluable for keeping me running. As a fairly serious athlete, usually training over 70 miles a week, I put my body under a fair amount of stress. The first time I saw Scott I had been suffering from a bout of knee pain that just wasn’t going away no matter how much stretching and foam rolling I did. After giving me a thorough assessment Scott identified the specific area of weakness that was causing my knee pain, and through a combination of soft tissue therapy and acupuncture was able to completely rid me of the pain within just a few weeks. He also prescribed me a series of exercises and stretches to address the underlying problem to try to prevent its reoccurrence.
Now, whenever I get a slight niggle I go straight to Scott and he has always been able to prevent that niggle become a serious injury. His knowledge of both anatomy and different treatment approaches is incredibly impressive and I always have every confidence in his judgment and advice. One of the best things about Scott is that he himself is an experienced and accomplished runner, so he can understand the runner’s mentality and the importance of getting back to running as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

Paul Marteletti

Scott is the most knowledgeable and thorough physio I’ve seen

As a competitive runner (2:16 marathon PB, Team GB 100km), I’ve seen a number of physios over the years and Scott is the most knowledgeable and thorough physio I’ve seen yet. The initial assessment was very thorough and from day one we had a plan to alleviate the immediate issues whilst also getting to the root cause by identifying any weaknesses or imbalances that could be contributing.
Scott is a very good runner himself so he appreciates what we put our bodies through and also the importance we place on running. The last thing I want to be told is to stop running but I know that if it gets to the point that Scott is telling me this then I should probably listen! Scott’s anatomical knowledge is excellent (as is his patience) and he has had to put up with many questions from me as I try to understand what is going on. Scott is not afraid to try different approaches in order to fix things either.
Sometimes these yield no real change but I would rather be thorough and try a few things that don’t work in order to find something that does.

Earlier this year I went from running some brilliant races to a period of some very painful running and not so brilliant race performances, to winning the Manchester marathon in 2:17. Without the expertise and help from Scott and the team at Complete Physio, I would have struggled to make the start line.

Trevor Prior

Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

I have found collaborating with Scott has greatly contributed to my ability to manage patients

I have known Scott for 10 years and throughout that time he has constantly developed his knowledge and skills. He is an accomplished runner himself, which gives him a unique insight when managing his patients. He has particular expertise in gait re-training which is becoming an important part of the management of running injuries.
I have found collaborating with Scott has greatly contributed to my ability to manage patients but also develop our knowledge, understanding and management of injuries.

Dr Catherine Spencer-Smith

Consultant Physician in Sports & Exercise Medicine

He’s been able to solve the biomechanical problems not solved by other therapists

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Scott over the last couple of years, and he’s a key go-to physio for my patients who have running-related injuries, or painful knees and ankles. He’s been able to solve the biomechanical problems (such as shin splints and Achilles tendinopathy) not solved by other therapists, and as we share a love of running, he really understands what’s important to my active patients.
He is one of the rare individuals who can guide patients all the way through to a complete rehabilitation, by helping them to re-train their gait and correct their training errors.

He’s super knowledgeable, plus he’s a very talented runner himself, and I know my patients are going to do superbly in his expert care.

Lizzie B

Successfully completed the Marathon des Sables 2017

Scott Newton helped me get to the start line of the 2017 MDS after injury

Scott Newton helped me get to the start line. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, keen to assist in any way and looks into the root of the problem. As a keen runner I unfortunately stress fractured my tibias towards the end of 2016, but with a Marathon des Sables place for the start of 2017 I needed expert help with a tight time frame. Scott was able to fit me in with appointments that fitted with my schedule and really took the time to look into my injury, referring me to other specialists when appropriate and creating a detailed rehabilitation plan with clear instructions and direction. Overall I was able to run the race because of Scott and his help. I cannot recommend him and his running specialist knowledge more.

Colin H

Scott Newton – Helped me run a Half Marathon!

I was referred to Scott Newton having developed a niggling problem with my right knee and calf prior to a 10k race in February 2016. After several months of recurring swelling, pain, and discomfort behind my knee and calf, along with numerous visits to Doctors and Consultants, I was referred to Scott…and that’s when the recovery started!
The first thing I noticed was that Scott listened intently to my sometimes garbled description of my symptoms and was able to make sense of it and empathise with me too. Scott quickly assessed my problem and set about creating a series of strengthening exercises that would complement some of the exercise I had started prior to seeing him. He was extremely thorough, professional and keen to get me fit enough to complete my first Half Marathon (less than 8 weeks away) safely and injury free.

After 4-5 sessions with Scott, I could feel the benefits of the treatment and despite aggravating my calf a week before the race (during a training run); Scott quickly suggested a number of options that I could adopt on race day.
I am pleased to say that with Scott’s care and dedication, I successfully completed the race and will be competing in my second Half Marathon in February 2017.
Scott is fantastically professional and has a given me the foundations to build on my recovery (which continues). I would recommend Complete Physio and Scott Newton unreservedly!


Andy D

Excellent – would definitely recommend

I had a great experience with Complete Physio. Scott clearly knows his stuff and was able to give me a recovery plan specific to the activity that caused the injury – running – which was also the activity I wanted to get back to. This includes analysing and improving my running form so whatever habits caused the injury in the first place were corrected to avoid re-injury in future. I would definitely recommend a visit to anyone wanting to get back to an activity they love quickly and safely (providing you do whatever he tells you to that is!).

Henry C

Scott helped develop a tailored rehab plan to get me back running

Having had knee troubles that occurred during marathon training, I was recommended to see Scott Newton who helped develop a tailored rehab plan to get me back running. Sticking with the plan meant that I increased my strength and my mobility around my entire lower half ensuring I came back stronger. Although I’m pain-free at the moment, I’m still in close contact with Scott as I try to improve my pace for the next marathon.

Josh H

Would recommend to anyone.

I visited Run-Fast Sports Clinic as I had injured my right knee at the Paris Marathon in 2017, and was unable to run for a number of weeks after. Having never undertaken Physio before, I wasn’t sure what to expect or if if to would help. Thankfully Scott was extremely knowledgeable and was able to diagnose the problem as ITB friction-compression syndrome and provide a rehab program to complete at home. The physio worked and I was able to complete the Brighton Marathon injury free and most importantly with a 23 minute PB. Would recommend to anyone.

Dan W

I thought I’d update you on the marathon.

I finished in 3:07:59 which is bittersweet. It’s a PB by nearly 9 minutes, yet (by last years times) is 8 seconds over the Boston Qualifying requirement.

Still, I’d have been nowhere near that without your help!


Steve G

Scott is an excellent, thorough physio

I’ve been treated regularly by Scott Newton for a fairly serious on-going running injury and am delighted to say that I’m very close to a full recovery. Scott is an excellent, thorough physio and as a runner I’ve found it really beneficial that we can get geeky about training, racing and recovery while going through various treatments. Scott would absolutely be my first choice recommendation to anyone serious about running.

David M

I’ve not had any knee pain whilst running since Xmas

Hi Scott
I hope you’re well. Just thought I’d let you know that I managed to complete the marathon on Sunday in 5hrs 27min with relatively little knee pain, though I’m feeling it now!

The exercise routine you gave me must have really done the job as I’ve not had any knee pain whilst running since Xmas, so thank you very much for your help. I’m already eyeing up the next one to take!

All the best


I’m really glad I came for a physio consultation with you

Hi Scott,
I am getting on great with the rehab and the new running form you showed me. In fact since I’ve changed the way I run I have had no knee pain at all. It’s amazing so thank you so much, I’m really glad I came for a physio consultation with you.

I ran the Hackney Half Marathon on Sunday in good time with no knee or muscle pain so I’m really delighted with that. Great experience!

Hopefully all continues to go well and I will definitely keep up that rehab you gave me. I’ll be in contact again if I need physio but for now all is good.

Laura H

thank you for your help

Hi Scott,
Just wanted to send an update and say thank you for your help.
I slowly got back up to 10km and took part in the Kew Gardens 10km which was great!
Just to say thank you for all your help, and thanks to you I now enjoy the gym!

Malcolm Hicks

New Zealand International Marathoner, Picture: Alisha Lovrich

Scott … helped keep me healthy and training at a high level throughout

Having worked with Scott consistently through my build up to the IAAF World Championships – Scott’s ability to provide a wide range of treatment to meet my changing needs helped keep me healthy and training at a high level throughout the buildup”

Simone T

Thanks for all your help and support

Hi Scott,
Thanks for all your help and support. I’m pleased to let you know that I did it! I took your advice and had a very gentle run walk strategy for the first 5k and gradually increased speed after that. So we made it in 2.36 which I was really pleased with.

Thanks again for your help,


Leonie S

I’m hugely grateful for your help in getting me back to doing what I love

Hi Scott,
I thought I’d drop you a note to say thank you!

It’s been a while, but I’m back in the Lake District this week. A year ago, I was here a few weeks after I’d first injured myself, and I couldn’t hike up anything like I wanted.

This week, I ran a 5k trail run, and walked up several 800 and 900m+ mountains. My calf still gets a little sore or tight sometimes, and I’ll be careful with it for a while longer, but after years of trouble with my right leg, I didn’t quite dare believe I might be able to trek up a mountain like that again.

I’m hugely grateful for your help in getting me back to doing what I love, and I just wanted to let you know how well the physio worked/how far I’ve come! I don’t think I could have done it without your help.

Thank you,

Gary Towers

I have just completed a course of shockwave therapy with Scott. This was four sets of treatment administered over the course of one month.
I have suffered from insertion Achilles tendinopathy in both legs for a number of months and have been using strengthening and weight loading exercises to resolve the issue over the past three months. I normally run on average 50-60 miles per week.
Whilst the remedial exercises were helping the painful symptoms meant I had significantly reduced the intensity and distances I run. I also found the pain also reduced the extent to which I could complete the remedial exercises.
I found an immediate improvement in the level of pain after the first use of shockwave therapy and now one week after the full course of treatment I have seen a significant reduction in the pain levels I experience in both legs. There is still some pain but this is much lower when running, exercising in the gym and even walking.
I will consider shockwave therapy again alongside the physiotherapy exercises as I believe it has helped to both reduce the pain levels more quickly and also speeded the rate of recovery from the injury. I have started racing again and I am back to close to my previous running mileage.

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